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The American Cancer Society’s 2023 Cancer Statistic Report Highlights Urgency to Address the Prostate Cancer Crisis

The prostate cancer crisis as defined by the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) 2023 Cancer Statistics Report is not a surprise for those of us that have been on the forefront of the prostate cancer early detection screening debate during the past decade. We predicted this crisis when the “stop screening” edict came down from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in 2012.

PHEN Invited to Participate in Pivotal ACS Announcement

At a Howard University event on Jan. 12, PHEN joined the American Cancer Society's (ACS) program announcing the launch of IMPACT - Improving Mortality from Prostate Cancer Together. PHEN stood alongside ACS as it announced its commitment to reduce death rates from prostate cancer in all demographics and disparities for Black men by 2035.

PHEN's 2022 Summit Showed High Participant Satisfaction

PHEN hosted its 18th Annual Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit, as a virtual event throughout September 2022, which was also Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

PHEN Set to Expand Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally to New Cities in 2023

PHEN successfully launched its Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally (PCDR), in 2021, to raise awareness and mobilize Black communities in the fight against prostate cancer. In 2023, the rally is being expanded to additional cities and states using the same approaches that proved highly effective in 2021 and 2022.

Supercharge your Immune System to Fight Prostate Cancers

Most cancer patients have a "depressed" immune system because the disease "weakens" their immune system.   To address this problem, scientists have developed immune boosting therapies called cancer immunotherapies. 

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PHEN Heroes

Tom Farrington recognized PHEN members of the PHEN Survivor Network who have passed but were active in efforts to outreach and support others facing prostate cancer. “Each one was a real hero!” 

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