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Houston TX Prostate Cancer Virtual Town Hall Meeting

PHEN held a virtual meeting with several people from the Houston area to discuss ways to promote prostate cancer awareness messages.  Collaborating between organizations and engaging people on a grassroots level will help quickly spread the word about early detection screening.   Watch Now

Strategies to Diversify Participation in Clinical Trials

Biopharmaceuticals and healthcare organizations have essential personnel devoted to closing gaps in clinical trial disparities.

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Jerry Knight: Prostate Cancer Survivor Story

A prostate cancer survivor shares his story about his father and his own journey to become cancer-free.

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Sherman Womack: Prostate Cancer Survivor Shares

A prostate cancer survivor shares his eighteen-year journey from being first diagnosed, through chemotherapy and then beginning a clinical trial.

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PHEN Hosts Learning Session with MSKCC

On July 26, 2023, PHEN partnered with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) for an informative Clinical Trials Learning Session with Dr. Andrew Laccetti as the main speaker.  Learn about clinical trials by watching the video now. 

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Clinical Trial Successes and Missed Opportunities

Dr. Richard Lee outlines ways investigators can increase diversity in clinical research, such as addressing barriers to inclusion and translating documents into other languages.

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