Happy Fathers Day 2024
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Congratulations to PHEN’s very own Director of Clinical Trials & Patient Education Dr. Keith Crawford for his spotlight in the 2024 Cancer Health 25 feature, which highlights investigators and leaders in the clinical trial space. 
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Men's Health Week

It is Men's Health Week and research shows that, with a focus on exercise and diet, you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer or improve disease management. We sat down with PHEN Ambassador Tony Hill to talk about the benefits of exercise and eating a plant-based diet.

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Prominent Florida Pastor Takes to Airwaves for PHEN

Early detection screening is essential for beating prostate cancer, explains Rev. Dr. Julius McAllister in an awareness message for Florida Disparity Rally. Visit PHENPSA.com to learn about early detection. 

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Mayo Clinic Doctor Urges Black Men to Visit PHENPath.com

Black men die at a rate two times higher from prostate cancer than White men. As part of Florida Disparity Rally, Dr. Folakemi Odedina from the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center advises visiting PHENPath.com.

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Prostate Cancer is a Crisis for Blacks says PHEN President

Prostate cancer is a crisis in African American communities, says PHEN President and Founder Thomas Farrington. Visit PHENPSA.com for life-saving information. 

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