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Summit To Highlight Faith-Based Initiatives
PHEN initiatives with Black churches will be presented at the 2018 Annual Summit
PHEN Summit Update: Highlighting Presentations and Speakers

Summit presentation highlights: "developing treatment trends and patient implications," and the "RESPOND" study for African American men.

PHEN Expands Partnership With Black Churches In The Fight Against Prostate Cancer -

To launch new "Social Media Initiative" at 14th Annual Summit

Clinical Trials e-Newsletter for July

Clinical Trials For New Classes of Drugs in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer
Study On Aggressive Prostate Cancer In African-American Men Launched
A coordinated research effort to study biological and non-biological factors associated with aggressive prostate cancer in African-American men
PHEN’s 10th Annual Father’s Day Rally Grows and Expands National Outreach

PHEN is proud to present the "10th Annual Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer" on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2018..

The Connection Between Genetics and Prostate Cancer Focusing On BRACA Gene Mutations
June 13th webcast presentation by Karen Copeland, MS, MBA, Certified Genetic Counselor with Myriad Genetics Laboratory, Urology Department.
Blacks With Advanced Prostate Cancer May Fare Better Than Whites
"study underscores the importance of increasing the participation of racial minorities in clinical trials..."
PHEN Entertains & Educates with “Daddy’s Boys” Stage Play

PHEN presented “Daddy’s Boys" stage play on May 12 at Reid Temple AME Church in Glenn Dale, MD before an audience 1,000 plus.  It was exciting & a highly successful community based prostate cancer education & awareness event.

Diet, Exercise With Behavioral Counseling Can Reduce ADT Side Effects

A personalized exercise and diet intervention can lead to clinical improvement.

BRCA Mutations Up Risk for Prostate Cancer

Males with BRCA mutations have increased incidence of malignant disease.

Daddy’s Boys – a new play tackling prostate cancer disparity in African-American men

Astellas Pharma highlights PHEN's "infotainment" initiative in its Change Together online portal
Prostate Cancer: ADT Plus Docetaxel May Improve 12-Month Quality of Life

Androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) with docetaxel may improve quality of life (QoL) at 12 months among patients with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

Xtandi Reduces Risk of Metastasis in Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer

Treatment with Xtandi (enzalutamide) reduced the risk of metastasis or death in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients whose cancer has not yet spread beyond the prostate.

Patients should "Ask-In" on clinical trials participation

African American participation in prostate cancer clinical trials must move from 3-5% range to 10-12% range to determine the effectiveness of new treatments.

Two new treatments have been found for prostate cancer patients who previously had no effective treatment options

Clinical trials have found that Enzalutamide and Apalutamide are both able to significantly delay prostate cancer progression in men with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. 
Survivor Network Spotlight - Raymond Fuller, Jr.

During a regular check-up in 2008, Ray Fuller was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  There was no family history of the disease, he said, it “just popped up.”

How dietary fat helps prostate cancer to spread

New research demonstrates how the fat contained within the Western diet, in combination with genetic factors, can cause prostate cancer tumors to spread.

Survivor Network Spotlight - Robbie Robinson

There is no good time to get such news, but it was particularly jarring when Robbie Robinson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002.  

Turmeric, red grape, and apple compounds 'starve' prostate cancer cells

According to a new study, turmeric, apples and grapes could hold key to preventing and treating one of the most common cancers.

Mediterranean Diet Best for Lowering Aggressive Prostate Cancer Risk

Simply consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains might not sufficiently protect men from aggressive prostate cancer. (PCa)

Smaller Difference in Prostate Cancer Death Risk Found

New research shows that prostate cancer (PCa) mortality risk is lower after radical prostatectomy compared with radiotherapy, but the difference in risk is much smaller than found in previous studies.

Blood Test Performs as Well as Tissue Biopsy in Characterizing Prostate Cancer, Study Finds

A blood test may one day replace tumor tissue sampling for patients with prostate cancer.

Shorter but Higher-dose Radiation Course Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer Returning

Delivering radiation in a shorter time frame significantly reduced the chance of prostate cancer returning in men with an intermediate-risk form of the disease, a study found

Xtandi Does Not Increase Seizure Rates in At-Risk Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients

Safety study into treatment of mCRPC patients with Xtandi found therapy does not increase seizure rates.

Preference for preserving sexual function not strongly reflected in treatment choices

In a survey of nearly 1,200 men who have prostate cancer, more than half indicated that preserving sexual function was "very important" to them.

How African-American Men Can Beat the Odds Against Prostate Cancer

"The incidence of prostate cancer is over 60 percent higher in African-American men compared to white men, and in terms of mortality, it's 150 percent higher," says Thomas Farrington.

Radiotherapy or Prostatectomy?

Quality of Life is better after modern radiotherapy compared with surgery according to recent studies.

Surgery vs Radiation for High-Risk Prostate Cancer

High-risk prostate cancer (PCa) is well defined, but opinions vary on whether radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy is the best treatment approach.

Connecting the dots between weight loss and prostate cancer

U.S. veterans help shed light on link between dropping pounds and slowing progression of the disease

2017 African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit Videos

All presentations from PHEN's 2017 Summit program are available via videos...

PHEN President & Founder Received an Award from Congressman Gregory Meeks (NY)

Thomas A. Farrington, was presented with the Congressional Black Caucus Leadership Award by Congressman Gregory Meeks (NY) at PHEN's 13th Annual Summit. 

Common factors that could change your PSA test results

How the test works and why different factors such as prescription medications and infections can change your PSA test results.

SpaceOAR Protects Surrounding Prostate Tissues

Augmenix's SpaceOAR System can effectively protect the rectum of prostate cancer patients undergoing high dose stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

2017 African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit was a success

In September at the 2017 African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit, Gary L. Taylor, M.D., the Medical Director for PHEN's Clinical Trials Rally updated everyone on the successful first phase of the Clinical Trials Rally and had several prestigious speakers talk about the importance of continuing the commitment of the Clinical Trials Rally

PHEN Expands National Educational Outreach

With twelve symposiums in nine states completed from April through June, and another 13 scheduled through November, the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is taking its educational efforts to greater heights. 

Our Journey to Establish Prostate SBRT as a Standard of Care

SBRT is a unique modality of radiation treatment. Typically, radiation therapy is delivered in many small doses called fractions (often 40 or more), but studies have been created to explore the possibility of delivering radiation in fewer...

Significance of Prostate Cancer Treatment-Related Factors Differ in Black, White Men

African American men appear to be more likely to consider economic factors in their decsion-making.

Major League Baseball Goes Blue Blue For Prostate Cancer Awareness

Major league teams participated on Father's Day awareness effort.
PHEN Network Member Arnold Merriweather Father's Day Interview

Arnold J. Merriweather president of the  Black Male Prostate Cancer Coalition in Jacksonville, Fl., and PHEN Network member speaks about the importance of faith in his prostate cancer journey. 

June Webcast - Prostate Cancer: Breaking The Silence

A panel discussion with survivors, wives and church leaders.

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BBN News Interview: Thomas A Farrington Discuss PHEN 2017 Symposium and Father's Day Rally
Emotionally Distressed Prostate Cancer Patients May Ask for Overly Aggressive Therapy
Family History Does Not Exclude Active Surveillance as Treatment Option for Prostate Cancer
PSA Screening Rates Level Off in United States

The USPSTF recommended against PSA testing for men of all ages in 2012.

African Americans at Higher Risk of Metastatic Prostate Cancer

African American men have a higher incidence of preclinical prostate cancer and are more likely to progress to metastatic disease.

Prostate Cancer?s Aggressive Nature in Black Americans Suggests Need for More Personalized Screening

The higher rates at which black men are dying of prostate cancer may be linked to faster disease progression, according to a new study. 

No Menthol Sunday

Join us on May 28, 2017 in this faith movement for health

Overall Health Worse in African American Men Undergoing Active Surveillance For Prostate Cancer

Active surveillance is an alternative strategy to undergoing surgery or radiation for men with low-grade prostate cancer...

The PHEN Network In Action Spotlight: Bishop Bob Jackson

Bishop Bob Jackson is a prostate cancer survivor and
senior pastor at "Act Full Gospel church of God In Christ" in Oakland, CA

Bishop Jackson's Ongoing Impact On Prostate Health In Oakland
By: Michael Shaw, Director of the Alameda County, CA (Oakland) Office of Urban Male Health
Meet Three Women Who Transformed Their Husbands Prostate Cancer Fight
Women play an important role when their loved ones are faced with prostate cancer. A Media Planet article distributed in the September 2nd USA Today newspaper.
How nerves fuel prostate cancer growth

Certain nerves support the growth of prostate cancer via a tumor vessel proliferating "switch," according to a study by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. This finding could potentially lead to a new strategy for treating prostate cancer.

Symposium in Miami on Saturday, October 28

PHEN will host a prostate health educational symposium at Morning Star Baptist Church beginning at 9 am. Free prostate cancer screening and includes lunch.

Task Force Comments
PHEN Comments on USPSTF PSA Screening Recommendation
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