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PHEN began partnering with churches in 2009 with its “Annual Father's Day Rally" and has since worked with more than one thousand churches nationwide with this groundbreaking and highly successful effort. Through this solid foundation PHEN expanded its partnership initiatives to include Educational Symposiums (2013), The Daddy’s Boys Stage Play (2017), and Social Media Initiative (2018). These efforts are aimed at educating and mobilizing men, women and communities in the fight against prostate cancer.

 Church Partnership Initiatives

The Annual Father's Day Rally - will return in 2022

The “Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer” is held within each church during regular services. Prostate cancer survivors, their family members and others within the congregation that are impacted by prostate cancer, are recognized and offered prayer. This is important spiritual support for them and raises awareness among members. PHEN provides guidance and handout materials for each church.

Educational Symposiums
Educational symposiums are hosted at churches throughout the year for men and women. PHEN provides leading prostate cancer medical experts as speakers and the program includes survivors and caregivers as participants. Symposiums also include an inspirational message by the pastor or minister. PHEN provides breakfast or lunch for the attendees.

Social Media Initiative
PHEN uses social media to provide live online monthly educational programs with church partners via Facebook Live. This initiative allows churches to outreach to their members with expert prostate cancer presentations, and provides PHEN with the ability to bring prostate cancer educational programs into most every community on a continuing basis.

The “Daddy’s Boys” Stage Play
This Broadway-style play provides education through entertainment (Infotainment). It attracts families to a fun event that is effective in educating through real-life messages imparted through drama, comedy and music. Panel discussions and workshops are included as part of these events. PHEN partners with churches and cancer centers around the country to present Daddy's Boys to the public free of charge. Churches provide the facilities and help promote the event to its membership and community.

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