PHEN Church Partnerships

Church Partnership Initiatives

PHEN began partnering with churches in 2009 with its Annual Father's Day Rally and has since worked with more than one thousand churches nationwide with this groundbreaking and highly successful effort. Through this solid foundation PHEN expanded its partnership initiatives to include Educational Symposiums (2013), The; Daddy's Boys Stage Play (2017), and the Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally (2020). These efforts are aimed at educating and mobilizing men, women and communities in the fight against prostate cancer.

The Annual Father's Day Rally The "Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer" is held within each church during regular services. Prostate cancer survivors, their family members and others within the congregation that are impacted by prostate cancer, are recognized and offered prayer. This is important spiritual support for them and raises awareness among members. PHEN provides guidance and handout materials for each church.

2022 Father's Day Rally Flyers Available to Download

Educational Symposiums

Educational symposiums are hosted at churches throughout the year for men and women. PHEN provides leading prostate cancer medical experts as speakers and the program includes survivors and caregivers as participants. Symposiums also include an inspirational message by the pastor or minister. PHEN provides breakfast or lunch for the attendees.

Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally

PHEN launched a radio and social media campaign bringing local leaders together to speak out and raise awareness about the growing prostate cancer crisis in Black America. These campaigns have been used in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and most recently Georgia. Culminating with the radio campaign, PHEN has hosted virtual Town Hall Meetings bringing the community leaders together to explore collaborative actions to be taken to eliminate the prostate cancer disparity.


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