PHEN's Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer

Pastors of Massachusetts churches will join PHEN on the radio and internet, Thursday, May 21st to formally announce and discuss the Father?s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer that their churches are undertaking with PHEN. This program will begin at 8am and can be heard live on Boston radio station Touch 106.1 and on the internet at

Pastors including Rev. Dr. John Borders, Morningstar Baptist Church, Boston; Rev. Dr. Willie DuBois, New Hope Baptist Church, Boston; Rev. Dr. John Womack, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Boston Rev. Wayne Gadie, Emmanuel Baptist, Everett, MA and President of the United (New England) Baptist Convention; Rev. Howard Haywood, Pastor, Myrtle Baptist Church, Newton, MA; and Rev. Dr. Neal Pearson, St. John?s Baptist Church, Woburn, MA are confirmed to participate on the radio program.

The Father?s Day Rally will take place within each church. Members will be encouraged to wear blue in a visible show of support for prostate cancer survivors and for increased education and awareness outreach. During regular services, churches will recognize and offer prayer for prostate cancer survivors and loved ones within their church family. PHEN will provide educational materials to churches for distribution. Following the Father?s Day rally PHEN and the churches will continue a working partnership to provide prostate health education, awareness and support to church members through PHEN?s RAP cancer activities and resources.

The Father?s Day rally in Massachusetts churches will kick off PHEN?s efforts to partner with churches across the country using the same format. All churches are invited and encouraged to join in and begin this partnership effort on Father?s Day by recognizing prostate cancer survivors and offering prayer for them and their family members. Churches accepting this invitation should contact PHEN to be identified. Telepnone 781-487-2239 or email

The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) launched its ?Rally Against Prostate Cancer (RAP Cancer) in September 2008 as a national effort to dramatically raise the level of prostate cancer education and awareness within Black America. RAP Cancer combines the outreach leadership efforts of prostate cancer survivors, the power of the internet, radio and television broadcasts along with strategic partnerships for a broad and sustained approach to address the prostate cancer epidemic among black men who die at a rate 2.5 times higher than for all other men in the United States from this disease. RAP Cancer?s is aimed at reaching men and their families where they are, at home, work, places of worship and other venues.

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