PHEN Invited to Participate in Pivotal ACS Announcement

PHEN Invited to Participate in Pivotal ACS Announcement to Reduce All Prostate Cancer Deaths and Disparities for Black Men by 2025

At a Howard University Campus event on Jan. 12, PHEN joined the American Cancer Society's (ACS) program announcing the launch of IMPACT — Improving Mortality from Prostate Cancer Together. PHEN stood alongside ACS as it announced its commitment to reduce death rates from prostate cancer in all demographics and disparities for Black men by 2035. ACS plans to accomplish this goal through the following IMPACT objectives:

  • To leverage ACS organizational strengths to mobilize resources across advocacy, patient support and research.

  • To help identify who is most at risk for prostate cancer and identify prevention strategies.

  • To expand patient support.

  • To ensure access to quality screening and care.

  • To support public policy efforts, which address the prostate cancer burden in the US.

The incidence of prostate cancer in Black men is 70% higher than in white men and prostate cancer mortality rates in Black men are approximately two to four times higher than those in every other racial and ethnic group.  As the leading prostate cancer patient education and awareness organization focused on the unique needs of Black men, PHEN was invited to participate in the community Partners panel discussion. Dr. Keith Crawford, PHEN's director of clinical trials and patient education, participated on the panel, while PHEN ambassador Dr. Artie Shelton, also attended the program.   “I was honored to be a part of the program announcing the IMPACT initiative,” said Dr. Crawford.

“ACS is committed to utilizing a tripartite strategy to reverse prostate cancer disparities and reduce death rates from prostate cancer in all demographics and disparities for Black men by 2035,” said Karen E. Knudsen, chief executive of the American Cancer Society. 

ACS announced a major decline of overall cancer mortality in the United States, which has decreased by by 33% since 1999. However, the mortality trends in prostate cancer continue to be alarming and there is a 3% annual increase in prostate cancer incidence from 2014 to 2019, and 4% to 5% annual increases in advanced-stage prostate cancer diagnosis, since 2011(represents a doubling during that period). 

IMPACT will spend 233M to fund new research programs in the areas of: Discovery; Patient Support; Advocacy and Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

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