PHEN Set to Expand Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally to New Cities in 2023

PHEN successfully launched its Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally (PCDR), in 2021, to raise awareness and mobilize Black communities in the fight against prostate cancer. The rally continued in 2022 and reached a broad audience across 18 cities within eight states over the two years.

The PCDR approaches consisted of using radio, print and social media outreach to raise public awareness about the prostate cancer racial disparity, and the importance of early detection screening and understanding treatment options. More than 5 million people were reached using these approaches.

NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill joined the rally by recording an awareness message along with messages by 90 community leaders, patients, and medical specialists.

PHEN hosted virtual town hall meetings bringing the PCDR participants together to facilitate identifying potential ongoing collective efforts throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In Boston, Massachusetts, the rally included a live educational program and prostate cancer early detection PSA screening, in partnership with historic Twelfth Baptist Church under the leadership of Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Willie Bodrick, II.

In 2023, the rally is being expanded to additional cities and states using the same approaches that proved highly effective in 2021 and 2022.

PHEN’s Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally partners and sponsors include:



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