PHEN ?Daddy?s Boys? Performance a Hit in Boston

PHEN presented the Daddy’s Boys stage play in Boston on October 19th. Boston was the 14th city where the play has been performed and the audience numbered 500.

The play uses entertainment to educate about prostate cancer. The actors brought laughter, music and drama together and told the story of a widowed father and his three sons in a fractured relationship and how they came together when the father is diagnosed with prostate cancer.


The audience completed surveys which were collected following the performance. The survey results showed that the play was a big hit in Boston:

  • 64% have been impacted by prostate cancer

  • 79% were aware of the prostate cancer crisis

  • 95% say the play increased their knowledge and awareness about prostate cancer

  • 81% are interested in learning more about prostate cancer, screening and clinical trials and

  • 100% would recommend the play to others

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