More Than 1000 Attend PHEN's Daddy?s Boys Stage Play Event in Jacksonville, FL

 PHEN partnered with Bethel Baptist Church and the Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition for a highly successful education and awareness event in Jacksonville, FL on April 13, 2019. The event drew more than 1,000 people for the stage play and educational workshop hosted at Bethel.

PHEN is touring the “Daddy’s Boys” stage-play nationally for prostate cancer education and awareness. The play, which is free to attendees, uses a highly entertaining infotainment approach to tell the story about a widowed father and his sons, who are in a fractured relationship, coming together when faced with prostate cancer. The play is the latest health-oriented presentation by award winning playwright Garrett Davis.

“Bethel Baptist was honored to host Daddy’s Boys, to help educate and inform about the realities of prostate cancer within the African American community, and to mobilize action in the fight against this disease,” said Bishop McKissick. Bethel Baptist is a Florida Mega-church, with membership exceeding 14,000 and it is the oldest existing Baptist church in the state.

A survey of those attending the play showed that 92% said the play increased their knowledge and awareness about Prostate Cancer. 64% indicated that they were interested in learning more about early detection, clinical trial and treatments, while 97% said they would recommend “Daddy’s Boys” to others. These survey results are consistent with those of other Daddy’s Boys performances.

 “The Daddy’s Boys innovative format has shown strong appeal to both men and women. It entertains and educates audiences and enables us to reach thousands with knowledge to help save lives.” said Thomas A. Farrington, PHEN Founder and President, and an 18-year prostate cancer survivor.

Daddy’s Boys next performance will be held in Birmingham, AL at the Daniel Payne Community Plaza on May 18 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM. For more information and for free tickets to upcoming performances visit:




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