Bishop Jackson's Ongoing Impact On Prostate Health In Oakland

Bishop Bob Jackson has been an exceptional community leader who has used his life story to make a difference in others.  " He who hides a disease can never find a cure."  Bishop Bob has not been quiet about his cancer journey and has modeled the role of faith leaders and the African American Church by hosting our local Annual Prostate Health Symposium reaching hundreds of men and there families each year.

This community partnership between the  Faith Community, Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), UCSF Hellen Dillard Family Comprehensive Cancer Center,  and the Alameda County "Men's Health Committee,' which I chair has become the clarion call for the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a result of this extraordinary collaboration an annual community prostate health educational symposium with screenings, counseling, and health navigation follow-up has reached hundreds of African American men and there families.  One of the 'Crown Jewells" of this collaboration became the design and convening of the first and only African American Prostate Health and Wellness Support Group on the west coast.  Nynikka R. A. Palmer DrPH,MPH, Research Fellow at UCSF and I,  in partnership with AA men with prostate cancer launched this unique community driven support group for men in 2014 following the first symposium at Acts Full Gospel Church. We use PHEN's online educational resources to support our efforts.

The success of this group has been phenomenal, and contrary to common beliefs and some scientific literature, African American men will participate in support groups and will devote time and efforts to develop a culturally meaningful group.  Overall the community and support group members have expressed immense gratitude for a support group designed by and for African American men that  provides a safe space to share meaningful resources, and a compassionate support network.


Michael Shaw; Director of the Alameda County, CA (Oakland) Office of Urban Male Health


PHEN's efforts in Oakland and its partnerships with Acts Full Gospel Church, the UCSF Hellen Dillard Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Alameda County, CA (Oakland) Office of Urban Male Health began with Michael Shaw's attendance at PHEN's African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summits in Washington, DC in 2012 and 2013.  

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