Thank You for a Very Successful Year

2014 was a successful year for PHEN as we implemented our "Rally Against Prostate Cancer" initiatives with a high level of effectiveness, confirming strategies that we set into place some years ago. These nationwide efforts rely heavily upon a team of partners for support and execution. This team includes sponsors who provide financial resources, medical specialists who serve as faculty for our educational programs, church partners for community outreach, and prostate cancer survivors who are the leaders for the implementation of PHEN initiatives within cities and communities throughout the country.

I extend my deepest appreciation to this team with a resounding THANK YOU! Please know that you make our success possible and we are blessed with your commitment to PHEN.

The prostate cancer survivors who make up the PHEN Survivor Network are special people to be recognized and honored for their contributions. These are men who have faced prostate cancer and all the fears that come with it, some who are still battling the disease, and all are constantly on guard for a recurrence of cancer. However, these heroes have not run away in silence but have chosen to stand tall and use their skills, resources and experience as survivors in the fight against prostate cancer. Individually and as a team they are helping PHEN carry out its mission and impacting lives all across the country.

As PHEN continues to expand its activities in 2015, our survivor network will play an increasingly important role. We will highlight these survivor heroes throughout the year and I ask that you join me in applauding their contributions.

Happy Holidays and we ask for your prayers for a productive 2015. 

Thomas A. Farrington

PHEN Founder and President

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