Ten Year Milestones Outlining PHEN's Evolving Rally Against Prostate Cancer (RAP Cancer) Initiatives

In 2003 PHEN’s very first initiative was to establish a survivor support group in Boston and to recruit survivors across the country to help with education and awareness outreach within their cities. This “PHEN Survivor Network” has helped countless men diagnosed with prostate cancer successfully face the disease through the experiences and support of other survivors.

In 2005 PHEN hosted the first "African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit" which assembled survivors and leaders within medicine, government, and industry, in Washington, DC. Through the active support of congressional leaders this has now become an annual two day event. The Congressional Black Caucus incorporates a day of the summit into its Annual Legislative Conference. In 2010 PHEN efforts prompted the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee to hold hearings on prostate cancer. In 2012, the U. S. Senate passed a resolution “recognizing prostate cancer within African American communities to be of epidemic proportions” and called for increased resources to combat it – a landmark action resulting from the PHEN summits.

In 2007 “PHEN online Educational Television (PHEN TV)” was established to reach men and their families at home with program content from PHEN’s monthly support group meetings and annual summits - a successful first step in establishing widespread education and awareness outreach to the public.

In 2009 PHEN launched an “Annual Father's Day Rally “in partnership with churches. This is now an expanding initiative attracting hundreds of church partners nationwide. Church leaders actively join in PHEN efforts, support the survivor network and help with outreach and education within their communities. Thousands of prostate cancer survivors now stand together and join hands in prayer within their respective churches on Father's Day - silent no more and committed to action.

In 2011 PHEN began broadcasting “Live Monthly Webcasts” providing the public with access to meetings hosted at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which began in 2003 (the first initiative). These webcasts feature information on clinical trials, treatments and managing survivorship. Men newly diagnosed, survivors and their families, are now able to actively join these meetings expanding PHEN’s ability to reach out and touch those in need where they are. These webcasts are videotaped and included on PHEN TV as part of its permanent educational resources.

In 2012 PHEN began publishing a “Monthly Clinical Trials and Treatments E-Newsletter” as a part of its ongoing education and awareness outreach.

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