** Father's Day Rally to have a Focus on Advanced Prostate Cancer

When prostate cancer has spread and becomes resistant to hormone therapy treatment it is classified as advanced prostate cancer. Chemotherapy was the only treatment available for advanced disease until just two years ago. Today there are new treatments and a tremendous amout of clinical trial activity ongoing that is expected to lead to the approval of even more treatments. All of the new treatments for advanced prostate cancer are focused on extending survival for patients and reducing their suffering. These developments are ushering in a brighter day for prostate cancer patients.

There is a disproportionate number of black survivors suffering from advanced prostate cancer which tracks the 2.4 times higher death rate from the disease. There is the potential for the newer treatments being developed to impact positively on reducing the death and suffering that is now experienced by black men.

The Father's Day Rally will address advanced prostate cancer through the materials provided for distribution to all church members. Also, a pamphlet developed by Johnson and Johnson (Janssen Biotech) will be available for distribution at certain churches. Other churches may request this material following the Rally. These materials do not provide any information on specific treatments but is intended to educate about advanced prostate cancer.

In the months following the Father's Day Rally, PHEN will initiate sessions to provide knowledge and awareness about specific treatments for advanced prostate cancer and ongoing clinical trials.

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