Phillip Frazer

Prostate Cancer Survivor

It was bad enough facing the impact of a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2015, observed survivor Phillip Frazier. But the Covid-19 pandemic is adding insult to injury. His life, for all practical purposes, has been upended.

He’s a southern California social worker who works with a portfolio of foster children. Because he must “shelter in place” and work from home, there are no more home visits to children, no family treatment meetings, or the like--“no contact with the kids whatsoever.” Everything is by video conference. “I am trying to keep the kids on track,” he said.

 After his prostate cancer diagnosis, the Palm Springs resident underwent a prostatectomy and “dramatic lifestyle changes” followed he said. “After effects were overwhelming,” he added, referring to erectile disfunction and incontinence in the beginning. “I have been very humbled by this experience. My life changed.  For that reason, in part, Frazier has started a support group. He wants others to understand what lies ahead and be better informed about weighing all options before making key decisions. He hopes to help identify resources available. 

He respects PHEN’s work with churches “bringing knowledge directly to men in the community.” But he hopes the work of PHEN can broaden from the east and south to include more advocacy in the mid and far west.

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