The summit convenes survivors and leaders within medicine, research, government industry and the community to address policy and medical issues towards eliminating the
prostate cancer racial disparity. 

Summit Agenda Topics


I. The African American Prostate Cancer Disparity By The Numbers
A review of the current prostate cancer statistics for incidence and mortality rates nationally and by state and region with an analysis of the trends over the past twenty (20) years.

II. Early Detection Screening Guidelines
The U. S. Preventive Services Task Force provided its updated prostate cancer early detection screening recommendation in May 2018. The Task Force upgraded its recommendation from a grade "F" (screening not recommended) which was issued in 2012, to a grade "C" (men with their doctors should make a personal decision on whether to be screened. This session will analyze the pros and cons of this recommendation for African American men and review PHEN's 2013 consensus statement on screening for high-risk men for its applicability today.

III. Developing Treatment Trends and Patient Implications
There are major new developments for the treatment of prostate cancer from new drugs, imaging technology, molecular and genetic testings that are shaping a new generation of prostate cancer care. This session will provide an overview of these new development trends and how patients will be impacted.  

IV. Clinical Trials Rally Update and Directions 
This session will provide an update on PHEN's Clinical Trials Rally with an insightful review on the results of some of the trials that were focused upon during the first phase of the CTR. A presentation of the current trends relative to the types of trials that are now being focused on for prostate cancer will be a part of this session.

V. Church Partnership Plans and Strategies For Community Outreach
PHEN launched its church partnership efforts in 2009 and has partnered with more than 1,000 churches from coast to coast at some level since. This session will review the various partnership initiatives and outline the plans and strategies for 2019 to continue expanding community outreach. 

VI. The Daddy's Boys Infotainment Initiative Review and Plans
The Daddy's Boys stage play for prostate cancer education and awareness was launched in 2018 before enthusiastic audiences of 1000+ for some performances for this infotainment initiative which is free to the public. Surveys show that it is highly effective as an outreach magnet to draw, educate and mobilize African American communities around prostate cancer as never before done. This session review the initial results of this new initiative and present plans and strategies moving forward.





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