Understanding the possible benefits for patients when participating in a clinical trial.


There are genetic differences in prostate cancer for black and white men.  Because of these differences only participation in clinical trials can identify, with certainty, how well black men respond to a given treatment. 

Cancer specialists are moving towards personalized medicine based on how treatments work for patients based on their genetic make-up.  This new treatment approach is defining the future of prostate cancer care and African American men cannot afford to be left behind. 

What are the Possible Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial?


Clinical trials are additional treatment options - Patients have access to new innovative treatments that are not available to patients not participating in the trial.  Patients will receive standard care of treatment while on a trial. 
  • Expert Medical Care - Patients will have the benefit of receiving close and continuous medical care and monitoring.
  • Treatment at minimal to no cost - The costs for treatment, drugs and medical care are minimal.
  • The First to Benefit - If the treatment being studied is more effective that the standard of care treatment patients participating in the trial will be the first to benefit.
  • New Treatment Discovery - Patients participating in clinical trials will help doctors develop new treatments that will be used to benefit patients today and future generation

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