Introducing PHEN Ambassadors

PHEN Ambassadors work within local communities with PHEN partners to raise prostate cancer awareness and provide educational support. Please email Jerry George ( to contact a local ambassador if you have a project that you would like to discuss.
PHEN Ambassadors by State:

Birmingham, Alabama
Robert Young

Jacksonville, Florida
AJ Merriweather

Tampa, Florida
Barney Morris

Savannah, Georgia
Ray Fuller, Jr.

Maryland / Washington, DC
Artie Shelton, MD

Robbie Robinson 
Donald Culpepper

Jackson, Mississippi
Jerry Knight

Charlotte, North Carolina
Jerry Womack

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rev. Blane Newberry

South Carolina
Lee Moultrie

Dallas, Texas
Llew Fambles

Houston, Texas
DeWayne Charleston

Northern Virginia
James Smith, MD

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