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Dr. Byron Benton Lends Voice to PHEN's South Carolina Disparity Rally

Dr. Byron Benton, Senior Pastor at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church raises awareness about prostate cancer early detection screening and urges people to visit PHENPSA.com for information.

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Grant Hill - NBA Hall of Fame Player Supports South Carolina Rally

Grant Hill, NBA Hall of Fame Player and Atlanta Hawks Executive raising awareness and knowledge about prostate cancer early detection and mobilize action to eliminate the prostate cancer crisis. 

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Clinical Trials eNewsletter

Prostate cancer is a highly inheritable disease with large disparities of incidence rates across different racial groups. It occurs when genetic changes cause cancerous cells to develop in the prostate. Genetic tests can detect these changes. 

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Unleash the Power of Your Own Immune System

Clinical Trials eNews: In this newsletter, we will discuss two types of IO therapies, which are engineered to increase cancer killing efficiency. The first is Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy and a second is Bi-specific T-cell engager antibodies (BiTEs).

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PHEN Member News and Highlights

PHEN survivor network member Arnold Merriweather and his brother Erskine participated in Amgen's Every Patient Counts, Every Story Matters campaign and more news from other survivors.

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