Prostate Cancer Treatments and Treatment Centers

Information about treatments and treatment centers provided solely for education and awareness purposes. Patients should consult their medical doctor for advice and recommendations about specific treatments. PHEN does not provide medical advice or recommendations to patients about treatments. Those treatment centers identified in specific locations are those organizations that sponsor and support PHEN education and awareness initiatives.

The Prostate

General information about the prostate and prostate cancer, including the stages of prostate cancer and treatment options.

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NCCN Prostate Cancer Patient Guidelines

Information that will help a patient talk to his doctor about treatment. The guidelines provide treatment recommendations based on the characteristics of the cancer, possible side effects of treatments, and a side-by-side comparison of the main benefits and disadvantages of the treatments for prostate cancer.

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Treatments Overview

An overview and description of treatments for prostate cancer

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XTANDI® (enzalutamide)
XTANDI® (enzalutamide)
For patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer who have previously received docetaxel

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Deciding What Is Best for You Decision Aid for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer
Deciding What Is Best for You
This online decision aid tool will help you decide, and talk with your doctor and loved ones, about what treatment course is best for you, including active surveillance.

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Provenge - Active Cellular Immunotherapy

A new treatment for advanced prostate cancer patients approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2010

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ZYTIGA (abiraterone acetate) in combination with prednisone is indicated for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) who have received prior chemotherapy containing docetaxel.

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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends that patients with bone metastases should be treated with bone-targeting medication to prevent bone complications. XGEVA™ is an Amgen prescription medication approved by the FDA

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Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiation
The CyberKnife System is the world’s first and only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors throughout the body non-invasively.

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ProstRcision® (pronounced PROS-ter-si-shun) is a unique technique for curing prostate cancer which uses a combination seed implants and conformal beam irradiation to simultaneously destroy the prostate and prostate cancer from within, in addition to targeting surrounding tissue for possible microscopic capsule penetration.

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For Newly Diagnosed Men You Can Beat Prostate Cancer
For Newly Diagnosed Men
An overview of treatment options for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. A presentation of The American College of Radiology and The American Society of Therpeutic Radiology and Oncology

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Treatment Centers
Baltimore | Birmingham | Boston | Buffalo | Chicago | Dallas / Fort Worth | Eastern North Carolina | Indianapolis | Miami | Newark | Norfolk | Oklahoma City | Philadelphia | Saint Louis | San Francisco | Tennessee
Franklin Square Hospital Center Baltimore MD
Franklin Square Hospital Center
Franklin Square offers the world's leading technology, CyberKnife® with SynchronyTM, for inoperable or surgically difficult (hard for surgeons to reach) tumors.

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Sinai Hospital Baltimore MD
Sinai Hospital
Sinai Hospital, through the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute and the Department of Radiation Oncology, has treated Patients with Cyberknife since April 2003.

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Cyberknife of Birmingham Birmingham AL
Cyberknife of Birmingham
CyberKnife of Birmingham is an independent facility located off Brookwood Medical Center Drive.

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston Massachusetts
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Care for prostate cancer patients at Dana-Farber is provided through the Genitourinary Treatment Center. Read about services and clinical research, and see a list of medical staff.

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston MA
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
BIDMC, a leader in pioneering innovative technology to advance patient care, is proud to be the first center in New England to offer the CyberKnife System

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute Buffalo New York
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Prostate care at Roswell Park integrates surgical, radiation, and medical oncology specialists tailoring personalized treatment plans.

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Procure - Proton Therapy Center Chicago IL
Procure - Proton Therapy Center
The center was developed in collaboration with Radiation Oncology Consultants and Central DuPage Hospital.

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Cyberknife Center of Chicago Chicago IL
Cyberknife Center of Chicago
The CyberKnife Center of Chicago offers a revolutionary new process for treating harmful tumors that does not require an invasive procedure or anesthesia and lets the patient go home immediately afterwards.

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USMD Hospital at Arlington Dallas / Fort Worth TX
USMD Hospital at Arlington
CyberKnife® is now available at USMD Hospital at Arlington in our new CyberKnife Center, located in Fort Worth at 800 West Magnolia Street.

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Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center Eastern North Carolina NC
Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center
Radiation oncology at East Carolina University's (ECU) Brody School of Medicine boasts the most advanced radiotherapy technology in the state of North Carolina with both a Gamma Knife and a CyberKnife.

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Cyberknife of Indianapolis Indianapolis IN
Cyberknife of Indianapolis
CyberKnife of Indianapolis offers the community a revolutionary treatment for solid tumors and metastatic disease

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Cyberknife Institute at Mercy Hospital Miami FL
Cyberknife Institute at Mercy Hospital
The Doctors and Medical Staff of the CyberKnife Institute at Mercy Hospital are among the most experienced in the world.

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Cyberknife Centers of Miami and Palm Beach Miami Fl
Cyberknife Centers of Miami and Palm Beach
CyberKnife Centers of Miami and Palm Beach are free-standing outpatient centers dedicated to providing image-guided radiosurgery treatments.

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Capital Health Cyberknife Center Newark NJ
Capital Health Cyberknife Center
The Capital Health CyberKnife Center provides a state-of-the-art non-invasive process for treating tumors, without anesthesia.

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Sentara Norfolk VA
The CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System, now available at the Sentara Advanced Radiosurgery Center, is the most advanced system of its kind in Hampton Roads.

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Procure - Proton Therapy Center Oklahoma City OK
Procure - Proton Therapy Center
To ensure patients have a seamless and integrated experience, ProCure has joined with Radiation Medicine Associates and INTEGRIS Health.

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Cooper University - South Jersey Cyberknife Center Philadelphia PA
Cooper University - South Jersey Cyberknife Center
The South Jersey CyberKnife Center, part of Cooper Cancer Institute (CCI), is proud to offer a ground-breaking cancer treatment tool - the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System.

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Cyberknife at Saint Louis University Hospital Saint Louis MO
Cyberknife at Saint Louis University Hospital
The CyberKnife utilizes intelligent robotics and targeted radiation beams to treat tumors anywhere in the body with pin-point precision.

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Kaiser Permanente San Francisco CA
Kaiser Permanente
The Radiation Oncology Department incorporates modern linear accelerators, CyberKnife, and imaging technology for delivery of state of the art radiation therapy

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UT Medical Center Tennessee
UT Medical Center
The University of Tennessee Medical Center treats patients with the revolutionary CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System since January 2005.

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