The Directions of New Prostate Cancer Treatments and Clinical Trials

PHEN has a major emphasis on increasing the knowledge and awareness about medical innovations, new treatments and clinical trials that could help save lives and increase the quality of life. At the 2011 Summit, a session was devoted to highlighting some important developments.

The expert panel included, from left to right: Dr. Jacques Carter, Moderator, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Dr. Richard Cutler, Senior Clinical Scientist, BN ImmunoTherapeutics Inc., Dr. Janice King, Clinical Scientist, Medivation Inc., Mr. Scott Riccio, Associate Director, Health Policy & Advocacy, Dendreon Corporation and Dr. Luke Nordquist, Founder & CEO, Urology Cancer Center & GU Research Network, Oncogenex Pharmaceuticals. Also pictured is Mr. Thomas Farrington, PHEN President and Founder.

Dr. Carsten Goessl, Director, Global Development Leader, Amgen Inc., (not pictured) also participated in this session.

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