Father's Day and Prostate Cancer

On Father?s Day, Pastor Thomas L. Walker and the Ebenezer Baptist Church honored fathers and emphasized the importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker is a Prostate Cancer Survivor and author of the book: ?Brother to Brother You Don?t Have to Die of Prostate Cancer?. In addition to other honors, Pastor Walker presented a free copy of Pastor Walker?s book to every male age 12 and up. When asked why the book was presented starting with such a young age group, Pastor Walker replied, ?Sixteen years ago I discovered that I had a prostate and that I had prostate cancer simultaneously.?

The flow of information has changed significantly since then; however, prior to being diagnosed, Pastor Walker stated that he had not been taught about prostate health and his high risk of having prostate cancer. It is very important that knowledge is shared about this dreadful disease in which about 200,000 men will be diagnosed in the year 2011 alone and 30,000 will die.

This is the leading cause of cancer among all men but African-American men die at a rate 2.4 times greater than all other men. Pastor Walker is a member of several National organizations that promote education and knowledge of prostate health, including the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), which also provided flyers stating the following tips:

1. Men must know their risk of developing prostate cancer ? wives and other loved ones need to be actively involved.

2. Early detection is important. Prostate cancer can be a curable disease when detected early and properly treated. Late stage detection is one of the leading causes of prostate cancer deaths among black men.

3. Act today ? Black men die from prostate cancer at a rate 2.4 times greater than other men. This is the largest racial disparity for any type of cancer for men or women.

Knowledge and action are the best ways to beat prostate cancer.

Pastor Walker continues his national crusade to educate families about this dreadful disease. For more information visit the website

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