With the clear summit message that "EARLY DETECTION" is the key to reducing the prostate cancer racial mortality disparity, PHEN plans to dramatically heighten the visibility of this message nationwide

Senator Kerry and Congressman Meeks stepped forward and assumed leadership roles to bring the African American prostate cancer disparity issue to the national stage. PHEN wants to actively involve all members of congress who represents sizable Black populations as leaders in this effort. On the municipal level, Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino has been active with PHEN, and the organization plans to reach out, with The US Conference Of Mayors, to bring other mayors on board.

In addition to gaining important political leadership, PHEN will also expand its working relationships with major cancer centers around the country. The Dana - Farber Cancer Institute has been a PHEN partner for more than a year, with a supportive relationship that can serve as a model. Churches and other community organizations must also play a significant education and outreach role.

PHEN founder Farrington believes that one of the most crucial elements to mobilizing an effective national education and awareness campaign are Black prostate cancer survivors. Through the "PHEN Survivor Network" that is being assembled nationwide, resources will be available for local outreach, advocacy and support initiatives.

PHEN is organizing and working towards effecting a significant reduction in the Black prostate cancer mortality rate over the next five years. The summit will be used as the forum to report to Black American on the status and progress towards achieving this goal. "It will require that the coalition PHEN is assembling work closely together, providing the national leadership with the clear committment to save thousands of lives each year through early detection of prostate cancer," says Farrington.

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