Happy Father's Day!

As a father of three adult children and grandfather to four I am living the joys of fatherhood. What a blessing it is to play golf with my oldest son, collaborate about business with my youngest son and to spend time with my daughter sharing thoughts on parenting for my two-month old granddaughter (note: she doesn't listen). My wife Juarez and I are simply thrilled with our family time.

Eighteen years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I was fearful that my future would be hampered with debilitating health issues. Thankfully that has not been so, but it could have been without my committing to learn as much as I could about prostate cancer and the options available to me. 

Educating men about prostate cancer and helping them on a journey to live a life as free as possible from the impacts of this disease is PHEN's mission. As I learned eighteen years ago, knowledge is the compass that allows men to face prostate cancer and continue on with their lives uninterrupted. There are many options on a prostate cancer journey, some can be dead ends and others can lead to relative good health. There are many decisions on this journey that require knowledge and preparation.

I am happy to celebrate eighteen years as prostate cancer survivor, and I am proud for PHEN to host its 10th Annual Father's Day Rally in partnership with churches across the country. Together we are working to educate the men and women in our communities so that they can celebrate many healthy and happy Father's Days for years to come.

Happy Father's Day!

Thomas A. Farrington

PHEN President and Founder

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