Mr. John Cutter: PHEN Survivor Network Member in Atlanta, GA

John is a 4-year survivor of prostate cancer.  At the outset of his treatment, he had a PSA score of 4.47, representing a rise of over 2 points in little over a six-month period.  He considers himself very fortunate because although he had been receiving both PSA screenings and DREs during his annual physical exams, the test that signaled a problem was taken approximately six months following his last annual visit to his physician.  He was considering a hormone replacement therapy that necessitated a PSA test before starting the treatments. 

An elevated PSA indicated the need for biopsy.  The subsequent biopsy revealed two positive specimens--each with Gleason scores of 8.  So, had it not been for that unscheduled PSA test, he would have gone another six months with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer before it would have been detected.  After undergoing combination treatment of seed implants, along with radiation and hormone therapies, John has since experienced a most successful recovery with his latest PSA coming in at a nearly undetectable > 0.2.

Since being diagnosed, he has become very active in the prostate cancer awareness movement.  In addition to his being involved as a member of the PHEN Survivor Network, he is also a board member of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC), a group of survivor volunteers who provide speakers, health fair participation and screening events throughout the state.  For the last three years, he has served as a consumer reviewer and panel participant for the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs sponsored by the Department of Defense.  PCRP funds novel, innovative research initiatives for new approaches and/or advancements in the treatment and detection of prostate cancer.

He is a Savannah native, attending public schools there and graduating from Savannah State University.  He is a father and grandfather and is an independent contractor servicing clients as a customer experience advocate and consultant.

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