Mr. Harry Bass

Harry Bass is an 11 year prostate cancer survivor and is a passionate proponent of natural therapies and lifestyle changes, especially with respect to nutrition, for prevention as well as reversal of cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Harry refers to his 11 years as a survivor as a magnificent journey out of darkness into the light during which he has sought to educate himself on matters of health and wellness, and during which he has made a major effort to truly get in touch with his body, his mind, and his spirit which he believes are dynamically interrelated in matters of overall health and well being.  He believes that any disease intervention that does not address all three will always fall short of returning an individual to optimum health.  Harry says the insights he’s gained are almost beyond comprehension as he has moved to take control of his health and to prevent ill health from taking control of him.  Harry’s passion has moved him to be a resonating voice imploring men, upon being diagnosed with prostate cancer, to take a deep breath – to step back - and to take the time to understand all the options available for fighting the disease, including those that are outside the purview of mainstream medicine.   He seeks to remind men that prostate cancer is generally not nearly as aggressive as some other cancers and that they should fight off the paralyzing fear that often comes along with a “CANCER” diagnosis and causes people to make quick decisions that they may come to regret.  He also seeks to remind men that no matter what course of treatment or approach they choose, there will always be risks.

As a result of his journey and his passion, Harry has recently formed a company, Wellness Crusaders, which he’s developing as a resource for individuals seeking to take control of their health.  Its primary focus is on nutrition and its role in the prevention and reversal of disease.  Harry also uses a portion of his spare time to reach out to men individually and through their organizations to share his insights on prostate health and has recently begun working as a volunteer with PHEN to help promote and expand PHEN’s Survivor Network.  

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