Find a PROVENGE Expert for Your Event

Find a PROVENGE Expert for Your Event Dendreon, the maker of PROVENGE, is proud to sponsor an educational speaker series for patients with advanced prostate cancer. The PROPEL Program offers support groups the opportunity to have a physician speak at their meetings on PROVENGE and the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. The goal of personalized therapies like immunotherapy is to provide safe and effective ways to treat patients by using their own immune system. PROVENGE is the first FDA‐approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer. The PROPEL physician presentation focuses on the following topics: · How do treatment options in advanced prostate cancer differ? · What is PROVENGE, and how does it work? · What will patients experience if treated with PROVENGE? · What kind of financial assistance is available? The speaker, presentation, related audiovisual equipment, and handouts will be provided by Dendreon. To request a speaker for your event, please go to

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