PHEN Survivor Network

PHEN mobilizes prostate cancer survivors nationwide, and their loved ones, to provide education and awareness outreach within their communities. This survivor network, which now stretches across the country, is the foundation for much of PHEN’s grassroots community efforts. It was initially formed in Boston, Massachusetts when PHEN was founded in 2003.

Members of the survivor network volunteer for the PHEN/church partnership initiatives and are key contributors in organizing their church's participation in the annual Father's Day Rally and recruiting others to actively join in the rally. Members participate in the program at each annual PHEN summit and are regulary featured in PHEN TV programs.

The survivor network plays a crucial role in PHEN advocacy efforts at both local and national levels. These are the voices that regularly speak out on policies that impact on the war against prostate cancer to make certain that the needs of Black America are considered and included.

Prostate cancer survivors, their loved ones and the loved ones of the victims of this disease are invited and encouraged to join the survivor network. The African American prostate cancer disparity is the largest racial disparity for any type of cancer and the PHEN survivor network is helping lead the effort to eliminate this crisis.


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