PHEN's Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit addresses policy, medical and community outreach initiatives towards eliminating the prostate cancer racial disparity. Each session includes speakers, presenters, and panelists of community leaders, patients, medical experts, political leaders, and others.

Summit Agenda
All Sessions 1:00pm to 3:30 PM ET

Session 1: Sept. 8th
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Prostate Cancer Racial Disparity
COVID-19 delayed prostate cancer early detection screening and treatments. This session will identify and assess how these delays and other disruptions impact the prostate cancer racial disparity, and review strategies that can be undertaken to off-set these impacts.

Session 2: Sept. 15th
Effective Community Awareness, Outreach & Engagement Strategies
PHEN launched its "Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally" in 2021 as a national effort to raise awareness and mobilize support within local communities nationwide. This effort includes developing public service announcements by political leaders, doctors, patients, and community leaders which are promoted via social media, radio, and e-newsletters. This also includes the Daddy's Boys film episodes. This session will review these activities, and plans for expanding this on-going awareness rally.

Session 3: Sept. 22nd
Enhancing Early Detection, Treatments and Clinical Trials Education
Innovative tools and approaches to enhance patient education have been developed and launched by PHEN. These include Dr. PSA for early detection screening, for treatments, and the Clinical Trials Rally II initiative. Each facilitates informed shared decision - making by empowering both patients and doctors. This session will review strategies and outcomes using these tools and approaches.

Session 4: Sept. 29nd
Policies, Cost, and Social Determinants of Health Factors impacting the Racial Disparity
This session will identify and assess key policies, costs, and social determinants of health factors that impact on the racial disparity. Opportunities and strategies to address these will be presented and discussed.

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