P-PSMA-101 Patient Summary


Introducing P-PSMA-101 a CAR-T for prostate cancer

The P-PSMA-101-001 study is a Phase 1 clinical trial now enrolling patients at multiple locations in the United States. Conducted by Poseida Therapeutics, this study is testing P-PSMA-101, a new immunotherapy called a CAR-T.

P-PSMA-101 is made from your own white blood cells that have been genetically modified in a lab to recognize a protein called PSMA. PSMA is commonly located on the surface of prostate cancer cells and P-PSMA-101 is designed to kill the cancer cell. P-PSMA-101 is given via an intravenous infusion and you may be eligible to receive one or more infusions during the study.  

What is the goal of the study? The purpose of this study is to determine if P-PSMA-101 is safe and will help treat patients with metastatic prostate cancer that has worsened despite having received treatment hormonal therapy and chemotherapy.

When your T cells recognize that protein, they are designed to kill the cell that has PSMA on the cell surface.


Eligibility Requirements:

• You have progressing metastatic, castration resistant prostate cancer.

• You have already been treated with hormone therapy.

• You have or have not been treated with a chemotherapy called a taxane.


For more information about the P-PSMA-101-001 study including hospitals enrolling patients:

ClinicalTrials.gov study registry at:



Contact Poseida at:

Phone: 858 779 3103        

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