Keith Crawford, MD, PhD

Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education
Prostate Health Education Network

Dr. Crawford has over 20 years in the Life Sciences and completed his graduate and post graduate training at Harvard Medical School where he developed competencies in the area of genomic, proteomics, immunology, microbiology, infectious disease, and regenerative medicine. During his post-doctoral training, Keith was selected by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a Harold Amos Fellow. His work in the field of immunology caught the eye of the Department of Defense, where he was funded to develop antidotes for chemical and biological weapons exposure as well as creating a high throughput platform for the detection of recent exposure to infectious agents.

After completion of this directive, Dr. Crawford became the principal investigator at the Center for Molecular Orthopedics at Brigham and Women's. He was responsible for leading research efforts in the Center, which gave rise to the discovery of a novel population of adult stem cells, early lineage adult.  Keith and laboratory were responsible for the preclinical studies, which laid the foundation for a spinal fusion therapeutic. Keith is a graduate of University of Texas Medical School in Houston (Medical Doctorate) and Harvard University (Doctor Philosophy) where he studied cell biology and immunology.
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