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The ATLAS clinical trial is to assess the safety and effectiveness of the experimental drug ARN-509 for patients diagnosed with high-risk, localized or locally advanced prostate cancer as determined by PSA, Gleason Score and cancer stage.

Patients who participate in the ATLAS trial are randomly (by chance) assigned to a group (Arm) whose treatment is a combination of ARN 509 plus hormone therapy plus radiation, or to a group (Arm) whose treatment is hormone therapy plus radiation.

ATLAS is a phase 3 clinical trial which will enroll 1500 patients. The trial began in 2015 and the primary completion date is 2022.

Possible patient benefits include reducing the potential for spread of prostate cancer following primary radiation treatment. Another benefit is that all patients participating will receive treatment beyond their primary radiation treatment.

If you are interested in this trial you can take these actions: 

  • Use the “clinical trials glossary” and “dictionary” for words, phrases and treatments that you may not understand
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* Please Note: This information is provided for education and awareness purposes. A decision on clinical trials participation is to be made between the patient and his doctor.

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