The Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit began in 2005 convening survivors and leaders within medicine, research, government and industry to address the African American Prostate Cancer disparity and other issues. 2014 is the "Diamond Anniversary Summit."

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Session Topics

Resolving the PSA Testing Conundrum 
PHEN has called for PSA testing clarity and published a “Consensus Statement” with guidance for African Americans and other men deemed at high risk for prostate cancer.  This session will provide an update on the continuing PSA testing conundrum caused by the differing and conflicting guidelines. Approaches for resolving the conundrum and providing PSA testing clarity for both average-risk and high-risk men will be assessed.

Understanding and Overcoming the Clinical Trials Challenge
The sub-par statistical level of African-American participation in most prostate cancer clinical trials impacts researchers’ abilities to understand the effectiveness of new treatments, and certain prognostic tools for this population. This session will focus on understanding factors contributing to the lower participation levels, and outline strategies to help achieve statistical parity.

PHEN’s Educational Outreach Efforts, Outcomes, and Strategies
PHEN’s educational and awareness efforts have succeeded in building partnerships and mobilizing activities within communities throughout the country. This session will highlight key outcomes of these efforts and present future plans and strategies.

The Role of Genomics in Testing and Treatment
This session will provide an update on the use of genomics in making decisions on whether to treat or pursue active surveillance, in choosing types of treatment including personalized treatments. The session will also examine how these developments might impact on reducing the African-American disparity.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments and Financing 
African Americans face recurring and advanced disease at higher rates than other men as evidenced by the higher mortality rate. This session will focus on the evolving advanced prostate cancer treatments and patient options for financing the cost of these treatments. 

Key Policy Issues
An overview and discussion of key policy issues impacting patient access to testing, treatments, and overall prostate health care. This session will also outline advocacy efforts addressing these issues.

Note: Certain sessions will be webcast via live streaming

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