PHEN Mission & Initiatives


To eliminate the African American prostate cancer disparity. Black men in the United States have the nation's highest prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates. PHEN's mission also includes advocacy efforts to increase the overall support and resources to wage a war on prostate cancer that will eventually lead to a cure for the disease for the benefit of all men.


PHEN's Rally Against Prostate Cancer (RAP Cancer) is a set of dynamic and highly visible national initiatives established to implement the organization's overall mission. A key PHEN tenet is that "knowledge is the best defense against prostate cancer."

The Survivor Network was established in 2003 to mobilize Black prostate cancer survivors to work collectively towards eliminating the racial disparity. Members of the survivor network actively participate in supporting the RAP Cancer initiatives.

Monthly Support Group Meetings began in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The support group meetings are a foundation of RAP Cancer efforts. LIVE MONTHLY WEBCASTS of the feature presentation of these meetings began broadcasting in 2011.   

The "Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit"  Began in 2005 convening survivors and leaders within medicine, research, government and industry to address policy issues necessary to eliminate the disparity. The summit is a two-day program hosted in Washington, DC.

PHEN Online Television began broadcasting in 2007 reaching men and their families at home with educational program content developed from PHEN's monthly meetings and summits. PHEN TV features survivors and medical specialists. 

The "Annual Father's Day Rally" was launched in 2009 in partnership with churches nationwide. This faith-based initiative is now PHEN's largest public education and awareness outreach effort. PHEN has established sustaining partnership with churches for on-going educational outreach within communities across the country.  

Monthly Treatments and Clinical Trials E-Newsletter began publication and distribution in 2012 to educate about evolving treatments and clinical trials to help keep Black America current and knowledgeable in these areas which are critical to eliminating the disparity. 

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