PHEN Church Partnership Initiatives and Resources

"Joining Hands In Prayer and Action to Save Lives"

Partnership Invitation

PHEN welcomes all churches as partners in its efforts to educate communities about prostate cancer. PHEN provides church partners with resources and guidance through the initiatives outlined below to promote education and awareness initiatives within their churches and communities. There is no financial requirement for churches to partner with PHEN.
The “Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer” is held within each church during regular services. Prostate cancer survivors, their family members and others within the congregation that are impacted by prostate cancer, are recognized and offered prayer. This is important spiritual support for them and raises awareness among members. PHEN provides guidance and handout materials for each church.
Monthly Webcast Fellowships
Educational webcasts are provided online and available to all church members on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6 to 7 pm (ET).Partners are asked to post notices in their bulletins and on their websites. They are also encouraged to broadcast these webcasts to a convened fellowship of prostate cancer survivors and family members to foster mutual support within their churches.
These symposiums are hosted at churches in selected cities on the Saturday before Father's Day. PHEN provides leading prostate cancer medical specialists as speakers for each symposium. The symposium host church serves as the magnet site for their city.
PHEN's website, online television and monthly "treatments and clinical trials e-newsletters" provide a wealth of resources for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, survivors, family members and caregivers. Churches are encouraged to make PHEN posters visible and to post "PHEN prostate cancer educational resources at” on their websites and on church bulletins to guide their members to these resources.
Advocacy Efforts 
PHEN is a leader in promoting national prostate cancer policies and programs that make resources available for efforts within all our communities. The voices of church partners are critical to help mobilize support for PHEN advocacy initiatives to address the policy needs in the fight to eliminate the African American disparity.

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