PHEN's "Annual Father's Day Rally Against 
Prostate Cancer"
in partnership with its church partners is the broadest and most visible prostate cancer awareness event within Black America. The Seventh Annual Rally was hosted on June 21st, 2015.

The Rally was conducted within each participating church during regular Father's Day services:

Prostate cancer survivors with their family members, along with family members of those who have been victims of the disease are recognized and join hands in a special prayer for support and healing.

This r
ecognition and spiritual support helps remove the silence and isolation for those who may be suffering with the disease, or from having lost a loved one.

This prayer service creates a spirit of togetherness and cooperation among those directly impacted which becomes a powerful step towards overall healing.


During the prayer service those within the congregations were made aware of the impact of prostate cancer within their midst:

♦ Members are prompted to understand their personal risk and the risk for their family members.
The service promotes open dialogue among members about prostate cancer which increases overall education and awareness about the disease.

PHEN Resources and Support for the Father's Day Rally Church Partners: 

♦ Handout materials for each church for their Father's Day services

Posters for each church to increase prostate health knowledge and awareness

Speakers and materials for special church programs and events
♦ Ongoing access to PHEN’s Online resources and support for newly diagnosed men, survivors and their loved ones

 Access to PHEN’s monthly live educational webcasts available for churches to convene special prostate cancer workshops, and for their members to access from their homes

**There are no costs for churches to participate in the Father's Day Rally or for PHEN materials and services**


2015 Father's Day Rally Partners




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