PHEN's Dream Team Role


"Knowledge is the best defense against prostate cancer"


PHEN's mission is to eliminate the African American prostate cancer disparity. The organization's initiatives center around increasing the knowledge within Black America about the prostate cancer crisis and mobilizing actions needed to eliminate this devasting health crisis. Educating men and their families about new treatments and clinical trials is an on-going PHEN focus.


PHEN has worked closely with many of the pharmaceutical companies developing treatments for advanced prostate cancer. One of the overriding issues has been gaining the participation of enough African American men in clinical trials for new treatments to make conclusions on which of these new treatments are most effective for them.

The Dream Team project is revolutionary and will have a long term impact on the future direction of prostate cancer treatments. PHEN's role is to educate African American prostate cancer survivors and their family members about this project, and to make certain that their participation level is significant enough that the resulting data will provide some answers on the most effective treatments for this population based on scientific evidence. 






How do I participate?

Men with metastatic hormone resistant prostate cancer may be eligible to participate in the Dream Team “Precision Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer” clinical trial program. Those men interested in this program should provide their information by clicking on the "Pre-registration Form" below.







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