PHEN Survivor Network

PHEN mobilizes prostate cancer survivors and their loved ones nationwide to provide education and awareness outreach within their communities. The survivor network was formed in Boston when PHEN was founded in 2003.

Dr. Artie Shelton (Maryland/Washington, DC) a whirlwind of action
Dr. Shelton is widely known as the "hardest working survivor network member" and he actually picked up speed during September.....
James and Wendy Roberson (Maryland) Participated in PHEN summit
James Roberson, MD and his wife Wendy were part of a panel discussion at PHEN’s 11th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit...
Survivor Network Members receive awards for PHEN Walk 2015 leadership

 PHEN Walk 2015 was a prostate cancer awareness virtual walk that began in February and finished at the PHEN summit...

Chatman Carruthers (Atlanta) participates on panel with doctors from Emory and Georgia Urology
Chatman participated as the patient advocate voice in Astellas Oncology awareness event.
Odell Lewis (Jamaica) works to educate and support prostate cancer screening in Jamaica
Odell Lewis retired to Jamaica, but this member of the survivor network continues to work hard to save lives. He was recently involved in the largest prostate cancer education and screening event ever in Jamaica.
Chatman Carruthers (Atlanta) led prostate cancer awareness activities at Cascade United Methodist
Prostate cancer awareness was in action at Cascade UMC during Prostate Cancer Awareness month.
Mary Henderson (Vallejo, CA) participated in PHEN's webcast and hosted event at her church

Mary Henderson recently acknowledged the 6th year anniversary of the passing of her husband from prostate cancer...

Michael Shaw (Oakland) presents a PHEN success story

Michael Shaw, director of urban male health for Alameda Country, California, was introduced to PHEN and its programs when he attended the 2012 summit in Washington, DC. 

Paul Covington (New York)
Paul Covington represented PHEN in Brooklyn during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2015...  


Richard Salmon (Boston)

Richard Salmon (Boston) a longtime PHEN Survivor Network Member, is responsible for launching a new PHEN Support Group in Worcester, MA 

Michael Jackson (Maryland) leading prostate cancer awareness for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Michael Jackson joined the PHEN Survivor Network in 2012. He is leading a successful campaign to raise awareness among Omega Men worldwide.

Mark Kennedy (Boston)
Prostate Cancer: A Family Affair....
Survivor Network members participated in summit
Survivor Network Members had a strong showing at PHEN's 11th Annual Summit with Robbie Robinson, Raymond Fuller, Dr. Artie Shelton and Dr. Matthew Kinnard participating in the program...
Freddie Muse (Los Angeles) moving forward with awareness programs

During the past three years Freddie Muse has participated in PHEN symposiums in Los Angeles hosted at Bethel AME church where pastor Rev. Dr. Kelvin Calloway is a survivor network member.... 

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