PHEN Survivor Network

PHEN mobilizes prostate cancer survivors nationwide, and their loved ones, to provide education and awareness outreach within their communities. This survivor network, which now stretches across the country, is the foundation for much of PHEN’s grassroots community efforts. It was initially formed in Boston, Massachusetts when PHEN was founded in 2003.

Artie Shelton Artie L. Shelton, MD: PHEN Survivor Network Member in Maryland
 Artie L. Shelton, M.D., Colonel USA Retired, is the President and CEO of Shelton Professional Services.  He is an 11-year prostate cancer survivor and advocate for PHEN. Dr. Shelton was appointed by Governor O’Malley to serve a three-year term as a member of the Maryland Council on Cancer Control and co-chaired writing the prostate chapter for the Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Executive Summary. 

Dr. Shelton works with PHEN church partners, regularly presents at health events and represents PHEN on policy issues and activities that involve interfacing with Congressional leaders and federal agencies. He has helped to plan and coordinate PHEN's Annual Summit activities.

Mr. Charlie Hill: PHEN Survivor Network Member in Hampton, VA
 Mr. Charlie Hill is the Co-founder and President of the Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum and a founding board member of the Community Free Clinic in Newport News, Virginia. He is a prostate cancer and lymphoma survivor.  Hill is also a member of the Virginia Peninsula Chapter of the 100 Black Men of America (100BMOA) and co-chair of the International 100BMOA’s Health and Wellness Committee.

Mr. Hill led efforts that resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement between 100BMOA and PHEN to collaborate on Prostate health outreach initiatives.
Mr. John Cutter: PHEN Survivor Network Member in Atlanta, GA
 John is a 4-year survivor of prostate cancer.  At the outset of his treatment, he had a PSA score of 4.47, representing a rise of over 2 points in little over a six-month period.  He considers himself very fortunate because although he had been receiving both PSA screenings and DREs during his annual physical exams, the test that signaled a problem was taken approximately six months following his last annual visit to his physician.  He was considering a hormone replacement therapy that necessitated a PSA test before starting the treatments.  

Since being diagnosed, he has become very active in the prostate cancer awareness movement.  In addition to his being involved as a member of the PHEN Survivor Network, he is also a board member of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC), a group of survivor volunteers who provide speakers, health fair participation and screening events throughout the state.  For the last three years, he has served as a consumer reviewer and panel participant for the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs sponsored by the Department of Defense.  PCRP funds novel, innovative research initiatives for new approaches and/or advancements in the treatment and detection of prostate cancer.

He is a Savannah native, attending public schools there and graduating from Savannah State University.  He is a father and grandfather and is an independent contractor servicing clients as a customer experience advocate and consultant.

Freddie Muse in Los Angeles
Freddie Muse is a member of the survivor network working to recruit churches in Los Angeles. Freddie participated in the PHEN educational symposium hosted at Bethel AME Church in Los Angeles where Dr. Kelvin T. Calloway is the pastor. Freddie founded the Men's Cancer Network which meets montly at Bryant Temple AME Church where Dr. Clyde Oden is the Pastor. Both Dr. Calloway and Dr. Oden are also members of the PHEN survivor network. Visit the Men's Cancer Newtwork at:
Robbie Robinson and Ray Fuller Supporting Members
 Robbie Robinson and Ray Fuller of Boston are working in the PHEN Headquarters office to support and interface with survivors who are recruiting churches for the Father’s Day Rally. They are supported by Ebony Brown. This team looks forward to working with PHEN survivor members across the country.
Dr. Artie Shelton Coordinating Symposiums and recruiting churches
Dr. Artie Shelton (MD/DC/VA) is working with Reid Temple AME Church (Maryland) and Macedonia Baptist Church (Washington DC) to host Father’s Day Educational Symposiums. Dr. Shelton is also actively recruiting additional churches to join the Father’s Day Rally.
Raymond Fuller (Boston) Presents at his Church
 Ray Fuller (Boston) presents at the Father’s Day Rally at his church; Morning Star Baptist Church, Boston, MA.
Preston Williams a True Prostate Cancer Warrior
 Preston Williams (Washington DC) a new survivor member recruited by Dr. Artie Shelton, is a member of Reid Temple AME Church. Preston is a true prostate cancer warrior through his efforts at We welcome Preston’s leadership and his energy to the PHEN Organization.
James Brannon Working from Martha's Vineyard
 James Brannon (Boston) is retired and living on Martha’s Vineyard, the vacation playground for presidents, but he is spending his time recruiting churches through contacts with friends and family across the country.
Charles Smith and John Cutter Mobilizing Atlanta Churches
 Charles Smith and John Cutter, of Atlanta GA, have joined the PHEN Survivor’s Network and working to expand the number of church partners in the Atlanta area.  They are also working to identify a church host for an Atlanta Educational Symposium.
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