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PHEN Summit: Increasing African American Participation In Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Session I of the 2017 summit information including speakers and panelists
PHEN Summit: Prostate Cancer Treatments, Costs and The Racial Disparity

Information for sessions II and III on Thursday, September 21st.
September 13th Webcast - Blacks With Prostate Cancer Less Likely to Get Ideal Treatment

Guest Speaker: Quoc-Dien Trinh, MD, Harvard Medical School. Click to watch the webcast - Use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers. Do not use Google Chrome. 
Prostate Screening Saves Lives

A new study found that PSA screening reduced the risk of prostate cancer mortality by up to 32% according to a paper published online ahead of print in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Freddie Muse Receives Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Proclamation
The Los Angeles City Council presented PHEN Network Member Freddie Muse with a special proclamation recognizing Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Education key to improving prostate health among African-American men
Jerry George, PHEN's program assistant, on the organization's educational efforts in an interview with "ChangeTogether.com," an Astellas Pharma advocacy portal.
PHEN Expands National Educational Outreach with Its 2017 Prostate Health Symposiums

Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is taking its educational efforts to greater heights. 

What to Do if Your Partner is Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

We asked experts what to expect and how to help

Long Term Survivors of Prostate Cancer Express Treatment Decision Regret for Up to 15 Years

Greater initial education and support could help mitigate later treatment decision regret in prostate cancer survivors.

Tall, Obese Men More Likely to Have Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Every additional 4 inches of height was associated with a 21% increase in risk of being diagnosed with high-grade prostate cancer, and a 17% increased risk of dying from prostate cancer.

Significance of Prostate Cancer Treatment-Related Factors Differ in Black, White Men

African American men appear to be more likely to consider economic factors in their decsion-making.

PHEN Network Member Arnold Merriweather Father's Day Interview

Arnold J. Merriweather president of the  Black Male Prostate Cancer Coalition in Jacksonville, Fl., and PHEN Network member speaks about the importance of faith in his prostate cancer journey. 

June Webcast - Prostate Cancer: Breaking The Silence

A panel discussion with survivors, wives and church leaders.

(Use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers, Do NOT use Google Chrome browsers)

BBN News Interview: Thomas A Farrington Discuss PHEN 2017 Symposium and Father's Day Rally
Family History Does Not Exclude Active Surveillance as Treatment Option for Prostate Cancer
PSA Screening Rates Level Off in United States

The USPSTF recommended against PSA testing for men of all ages in 2012.

African Americans at Higher Risk of Metastatic Prostate Cancer

African American men have a higher incidence of preclinical prostate cancer and are more likely to progress to metastatic disease.

Prostate Cancerís Aggressive Nature in Black Americans Suggests Need for More Personalized Screening

The higher rates at which black men are dying of prostate cancer may be linked to faster disease progression, according to a new study. 

No Menthol Sunday

Join us on May 28, 2017 in this faith movement for health

Overall Health Worse in African American Men Undergoing Active Surveillance For Prostate Cancer

Active surveillance is an alternative strategy to undergoing surgery or radiation for men with low-grade prostate cancer...

Bishop Jackson's Ongoing Impact On Prostate Health In Oakland
By: Michael Shaw, Director of the Alameda County, CA (Oakland) Office of Urban Male Health
Meet Three Women Who Transformed Their Husbands Prostate Cancer Fight
Women play an important role when their loved ones are faced with prostate cancer. A Media Planet article distributed in the September 2nd USA Today newspaper.

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