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Moving Forward With the Fight Against Prostate Cancer
By: Thomas A. Farrington, PHEN President and Founder - A Mediaplanet editorial distributed by USA Today, Sept. 18, 2015 
Addressing the Imbalance in Prostate Health
By: Jonathan Simons, MD, President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation - A Mediaplanet editorial distributed by USA Today, Sept. 18, 2015 
Evander Holyfield Goes Toe-to-Toe with Prostate Cancer

Five-time heavyweight boxing champion joins the fight against prostate cancer

Reduced Prostate Cancer Screening Could Miss Advanced Cancer

Recommendation against regular screening 'puts men at greater prostate cancer risk'

PHEN Guidance on Early Detection Testing

Baseline PSA testing beginning at age 40 for African American and other men at high risk for prostate cancer....

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