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Fatherís Day, a day to celebrate prostate cancer survivors

Father's Day is a happy day when African-American churches celebrate black fathers.

Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Charlotte, Atlanta and More Churches Generate Excitement at PHEN Symposiums!

Nationwide educational events to educate and mobilize communities, prostate cancer survivors, wives and caregivers!

Exercise Is as Effective in Treating Metastatic Prostate Cancer as Medication

Physical exercise may have a direct effect on cancer that is as effective as drugs for treating patients with prostate cancer, even for those with advanced stages of the disease.

PSA test best at predicting lethal prostate cancer, study says

A high PSA level when a man is in his mid-40s suggests increased screening for prostate cancer, researchers say.

Research reveals prostate cancer radiation treatment can be shortened by 50% with no loss of effectiveness

A short 4-week radiation regimen is non-inferior to the standard 8-week regimen when it comes to prostate cancer treatment, an Ontario-led study has found.