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Comorbidities Adversely Linked to Cancer Trial Participation

For cancer patients, the presence of comorbidities is adversely linked to trial discussions, trial offers, and trial participation.
Black men with low-risk prostate cancer have higher mortality rate

Black men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer may have more aggressive forms of the disease than nonblack men with the same diagnosis.
Finasteride shows long-term safety, efficacy for prostate cancer prevention

Finasteride safely and effectively prevented prostate cancer, despite previous findings that suggested the drug increased the risk for high-grade disease.
January Webcast: Clifford D Gluck, MD, FACS

Dr. Clifford Gluck presents webinar on the Treatmen of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Rejuvenation of Erectile Function.
PHEN Introduces Find Your Trial (FYT) Search Tool

Dr. Arash Eshraghi presents the FYT
 search tool to help those diagnosed with prostate cancer find clinical trials based on their prostate cancer stage
PHEN Kicks-Off 2019 Tour to Sold Out Shows

PHEN brought the acclaimed Broadway-style stage play "Daddy's Boys" to Riverside EpiCenter in Atlanta GA on Saturday, January 12.