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Session 3 Today: Enhancing Early Detection, Treatments and Clinical Trials Education

Innovative tools and approaches to enhance patient education have been developed and launched by PHEN.  These include Dr. PSA for early detection screening, PHENPath.com for treatments, and the Clinical Trials Rally II initiative.  Each facilitates informed shared decision-making by empowering both patients and doctors.

Session 2 Recording: Effective Prostate Cancer Community Awareness, Outreach and Engagement Strategies

Efforts to raise awareness and mobilize support within communities nationwide will be presented and discussed.  Includes doctors, patients, community and political leaders. 

Daddy's Boys become PHEN Ambassadors, and Charles faces a love triangle

Pops leads the way in becoming a PHEN ambassador during meeting with PHEN President Thomas Farrington.  Charles' old girlfriend, Loretta, returns in a professional relationship with Pepples, his new love. 

Session 1 Recording: What Will Be the Impact of Telemedicine? PHEN's Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic led to dramatic increases in telemedicine use to provide prostate cancer care without in-person contact risks. It is now anticipated that telemedicine will become more of a standard of care with its use continuing to grow.

Leader Rev. Dr. Mark Whitlock Joins the Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally

Senior Pastor from Reid Temple AME Church in Glenn Dale, MD shares his experience of prostate cancer and encourages African American men to get screened.